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What Window Treatments Won't Fade In New York?

February 25, 2022

Your New York window treatments hang in harsh sun all day, so it’s no wonder when they begin to fade or yellow. You need to replace your window coverings when this happens because they will gradually become worse with time. For more enduring window treatments that won’t fade in New York, utilize Polywood® shutters. These durable plantation shutters never fade or yellow in UV light so you can put them in your brightest window sills with no worries. They also don’t get stained by water damage or grime, making them ideal for any area in your home.

Sturdy, White Polywood Shutters Never Fade Or Turn Yellow In The Sun

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Almost all window treatments fade in New York when subjected to UV rays. Sunlight bleaches materials like fabric, plastic, and wood, spoiling the lovely look of your window coverings. UV rays can cause many materials to break down with time too, and that’s why even low-quality white window blinds yellow in your windows. The only way to avoid this is using window treatments that are made of UV-resistant materials, like Polywood shutters.

Polywood shutters are interior shutters that have louvers and are made from long-lasting, recyclable wood substitute. Their baked-on white paint finish is UV stabilized and chemically bonds to the faux wood to prevent discoloration and damage from the sun. While the sun bleaches or discolors other window treatments, Polywood shutters can sit in the sun for decades and never fade or turn yellow. They stay a gorgeous, perfect white that always matches your decor.

Faux-Wood Shutters Avoid Discoloration From Moisture And Mold

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While the sun can cause window treatments to fade in New York, water and humidity can also discolor window treatments. Wood and fabric treatments can both suffer from water stains and similar damage if you don’t take care. If you require window treatments in humid environments like the bathroom or kitchen, use Polywood shutters instead. Just like they resist harm from UV rays, they are also moisture-resistant. Water doesn’t soak into their faux-wood material, so they won’t develop water stains, warping, splitting, or cracks.

Dirt And Stains Don’t Discolor Polywood Shutters Either

Sticky residues and dirt can stain many window treatments, but not Polywood shutters. Their exceptional finish avoids discoloration from sticky fingerprints and dirt build-up. And if your Polywood shutters start to look a bit dull, they’re very easy to clean.

Their sturdy, wide louvers make dusting your shutters less time-consuming than cleaning flimsy blinds. And you won’t have the bother of taking them to launder and iron them like when cleaning drapes. If your shutters have tougher soil, a moist cloth and light scrubbing will do. And you don’t have to worry about wiping off their finish. That hardy coating is moisture-resistant and won’t rub off on your cloth.

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