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New York Specialty Window Treatment Guide

Every New York home is unique, each with its own aesthetic and its own needs. Similarly, each of the windows in your New York home are different too. Their dimensions, shape, the direction they face and more will vary and affect which window treatment complements them best.

But more than any other factor, the window style is typically the most important for finding your ideal window treatment. These are Sunburst’s picks for window treatments to fit the specialty window varieties found in New York houses.

Window Treatments for Sidelight Windows

Front door with sidelights

Sidelights are the long, thin windows that are found on either side of the front door in New York homes. Getting a great window treatment for sidelight windows is especially important for a couple of reasons. One, they’re a focal point of your house, as most visitors’ eyes are naturally drawn to the front door of the house. Two, people–from the postman to guests to traveling salesmen–are going to see the sidelight windows up close, which makes a sidelight window treatment all the more important to ensure you keep your privacy.

The Sunburst recommendation for sidelight window treatments: Plantation shutters. Shutters don’t just give your home classy looks and unrivaled privacy, but they’re also easily customized for tall, thin sidelight windows.

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French Door Window Treatments

French doors with plantation shutters

French doors are a common sight connected to patios or back yards. French doors are hinged double doors, typically with large glass panels, so New York homeowners have a substantial opportunity to improve their style and light control. French doors open and close a lot throughout the day, so they should have a resilient window treatment that will still let you regulate the amount of light you let into your home.

The Sunburst recommendation for French door window treatments: Plantation shutters. As they can be installed directly onto the window and are extremely damage-resistant, shutters are the perfect solution for French doors. Their classic style and energy-efficiency are added benefits for your French door.

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Window Treatments for Octagonal Windows

Octagon window in a New York bathroom 

Octagonal windows are some of the most appealing and visually striking windows we see in New York homes. With their unique shape, homeowners would be careless to cover them up with a square window treatment like blinds or curtains. Instead, go with a window treatment that you can custom-fit to the window’s unique geometry so you’re always able to reap the benefits of your octagonal window.

The Sunburst recommendation for octagonal window treatments: Plantation shutters and window film. Shutters are customized to fit snugly within an octagon frame, preserving its unique shape and appeal. Similarly, window film applies directly to the window pane, maintaining the octagonal window’s awesome shape on full display.

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Window Treatments for Wide Windows

Plantation shutters on wide windows
When talking about “wide windows,” we’re referring to windows wider than 4‘. That encompasses full wall windows that stretch way beyond what normal window treatments would cover. When designing for wide windows, New York homeowners should think about how effectively a window treatment will protect their privacy and block the energy flow and light that wide windows usually allow. Lastly, wide window treatments should operate without any hassle, as there’s a lot of room that they need to cover.

The Sunburst recommendation for wide window treatments: Roller shades, panel tracks or plantation shutters. Roller shades are easy to operate, and their subdued look works great with wide windows. A panel track is a type of shade with wide fabric panels that move along a track that are perfect for wide windows. Plantation shutters add a bit more privacy and energy efficiency compared to shades, so if maintaining a consistent temperature is a priority, shutters may be your go-to.

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Window Treatments for Angled & Rake Windows

Angled window with plantation shutters

Rake or angled windows are popping up a lot more in New York home design. A problem with rake window treatments, like with octagonal windows, is finding one that fits your window’s unique geometry. Bear in mind as well that many angled windows are in spots that are hard to reach, like where the ceiling meets the wall at a corner, so a window treatment that you won’t need to operate often is typically best for angled windows.

The Sunburst recommendation for angled and rake windows: Plantation shutters. Not only are they 100% customizable to fit the precise angles and shape of your rake windows, but the shutter louvers can usually be set at a single, perfect angle without ever needing to be readjusted - great for windows in awkward spots.

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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Plantation shutters on a sliding door

Similar to french doors, the window treatment you choose for your sliding glass door needs to let you open and shut the door without any hassle whatsoever. Additionally, a sliding glass door treatment should be sturdy and able to withstand the frequent usage a sliding door sees. Finally, sliding glass doors are one of the least energy-efficient window types, since they not only let heat pass through the glass but also through the door opening. A window treatment that can decrease energy transfer should also be a top priority for sliding glass doors.

The Sunburst recommendation for sliding glass doors: Panel tracks or plantation shutters. Shutters and panel tracks both make operating a sliding door easy. Panel tracks also offer an array of patterns and textures to pick from, opening up your options and giving you a bigger palette to work with. Plantation shutters can be built in multiple configurations to fit any sliding glass door, and are more energy-efficient than any other window treatment.

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Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Plantation shutters on bay windows

Bay windows can’t be missed. The tall panes, concave layout, and wide view you get from bay windows are unlike almost any other window, and thus need some special consideration when picking a window treatment. New York homeowners should look at window treatments that enhance a bay window’s eye-catching layout, protect your privacy, and look stunning in your living or family room. Luckily, there are a few window treatments that fill all those roles.

The Sunburst recommendation for bay windows: Cellular shades, Roman shades, or shutters. Both cellular and roman shades function well with bay windows as each shade can cover a single pane, offering a lot of flexibility in how much surface area you need to cover. Similarly, plantation shutters can be installed on each separate pane on bay windows, but can still give you even more adaptability in window coverage with the moving tilt-rod and louvers.

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High Ceiling and Tall Window Treatments

Plantation shutters on tall windows

No matter their shape or style, windows that are located close to your ceiling can be a hassle to treat. Normally, the tops of the windows are outside normal reach, and breaking out a stepladder every day is a hassle. So New York homeowners with taller windows might want to opt for a window treatment that can either stay in a single position, or operate from far away. It wouldn’t hurt if that window treatment was also able to effectively block outside light from pouring in.

The Sunburst recommendation for tall & high ceiling windows: Motorized shades or plantation shutters. Motorized shades can operate with the simple push of a button, eliminating any hassle whatsoever. On the other hand, with plantation shutters most homeowners opt to position the louvers in a single perfect position, and seldom, if ever move them from that spot. Both choices address the biggest challenge of high ceiling windows!

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Eyebrow Window Treatments

Eyebrow window with custom shutters
Eyebrow windows are those semi-arched windows that are almost always found above other, usually rectangular windows. As a result of their position and individual shape, eyebrow windows face some issues that few other windows do in regards to choosing your perfect window treatment.

The Sunburst recommendation for eyebrow windows: Plantation shutters. Just about every other window treatment has serious drawbacks when put on eyebrow windows. Blinds, shades, and drapes mask the interesting shape and any long window treatment may cover the negative space between the eyebrow window and the rectangular window underneath it. Because shutters are custom-manufactured to seamlessly fit in your eyebrow window frame, they’re by far the best option for this window type. 

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Window Treatments for Casement Windows

Casement windows with planation shutters
Casement windows are unlike most windows. Casement windows have a hinge on a side, and open and shut by swinging on that hinge, sometimes via crank or lever. Since they have a unique opening mechanism, casement windows should have an unobtrusive window treatment that can still give you privacy and stylish looks. So which window treatment is best for casement windows in New York?

The Sunburst recommendation for casement windows: Plantation shutters or shades. Plantation shutters can be fit to your frame to make room for the crank or lever–which lets you open and shut your window effortlessly. Both cellular and Roman shades can also work well on casement windows, although you might have to work around the fabric when you want to open or shut it.

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Find More New York Window Treatment Picks

There is always more to think about than just the type of window when searching for window treatments in New York. Take a peek at our top picks for window treatments for every room in your house with Sunburst’s Ultimate Room Guide, or get some in-person tips by setting up an in-home design consultation by calling 631-246-3930 today.