What Makes Shutters The Best Window Treatment For French Doors In New York City, NY

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French doors ,better known as patio doors, are hinged with glass panels. They might be a doorway to the deck, yard, or balcony. And what makes French doors so beautiful is the brightness they filter into the room.

The beautiful French door glass panels create a problem for New York City homeowners. How do you cover a French door with a charming window treatment without sacrificing how the door operates? Which window treatment lets you control for brightness while being energy efficient? What is the best window treatment for French doors in the New York City area?


Things To Consider When Purchasing A Window Treatment For French Doors

Control Over Light & Privacy. A French door window treatment should give you control over how much light you let into the room. If you don’t want any light at all, the French door window treatment should be built from material that blocks most, if not all, of the light. If you only want light from the top half of the door, the window treatment should be installed in a way that allows you to do that. And the best window treatment would have to cover the French door entirely so that nosy neighbors (and uninvited drones) can’t look in.

Plantation shutters are constructed from solid wood (or a synthetic polymer) that is effective at blocking the light coming through the glass. And a tilt rod allows you to move the shutter louvers for as much light - and view - as you want.

Energy Efficiency. The French door’s glass can only do so much when it comes to insulating against the weather elements New York City experiences. That’s why the best window treatment would reduce heat transfer and airflow so that the temperature of the room remains pleasantwithout having the HVAC system run all the time.

Polywood® plantation shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment for French doors. Polywood shutters are made with exclusive weatherstripping. When closed properly, these plantation shutters minimize heat transfer by up to 45% and block up to 30 degrees of airflow from the French door’s glass102. Find out how Polywood shutters insulate 1600% better than aluminum blinds.

Stability. The window treatment should move with the French door as you’re opening the door. Otherwise, it could sway or rattle against the glass if it’s not anchored completely to the door’s frame or if it’s not set up correctly.

Shutters for French doors are permanently fixed to the door frame. So unlike blinds and shades, they don’t sway or rattle when you swing the door open. In addition, they’re custom crafted to match the French door’s shape and the view outside.

Durability. The window treatment should be made from material that can withstand all the times you swing the French doors open. And the best French door window treatment should handle years of daily use and adjustments and still look as beautiful as the day you had it installed.

Plantation shutters from Sunburst are made from premium material, which means that your French door shutters will be stunning and stay functional for decades.

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Plantation shutters for French doors come in Ovation® and Polywood. They can be custom manufactured to account for the door handle with a square or circle handle cutout.
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