What Family Room Window Treatments Work Best Your New York City Home?

Darren Zuckerman

The family room is where you come to relax. Within these walls is where you watch the movies, the presidential debates, and the sports games. With the television being centerpiece of this room, finding a window treatment that fits the décor and also lets you control glare is not easy. We have considered the different window treatments in New York City, and highlighted which enhance your house the best.

Family Room Shutters In New York City, NY

White shutters on arched windows in family room

The best window treatment in New York City for the family room is plantation shutters. You can tilt the louvers to adjust for brightness using a tilt rod. And if you want some light from the top but not the bottom of the window, a divider rail gives you that flexibility. Now, you can enjoy natural light while minimizing TV glare.

Family room shutters are available in Polywood®, Ovation® wood, and reclaimed wood shutters. Polywood shutters are the most energy efficient window shutter because they are made from a synthetic polymer with exclusive weatherstripping. They make sure your family room is insulated from the effects of the weather outside. Now, the temperature indoors remains perfect for playing Wii Bowling with your children.

Family room shutters manufactured from wood or synthetic materials can be durable for decades. And shutters are so sturdy that if a Wii remote is flung at the window by accident, it’s not likely to cause damage to the window treatment.

If you want to add natural charm and warmth to your family room, reclaimed wood shutters make it so easy to unwind. Reclaimed wood shutters are the newest plantation shutters product. These family room shutters are constructed from upcycled wood that was part of fences, buildings, and barns. The marks, knots, and holes on the shutter louvers might inspire you to plan your next camping trip.

Installing plantation shutters in your family room results in more than just exquisite window treatments. Plantation shutters become a permanent fixture that adds to the value of your house when you put it on the market. That’s how family room shutters transform your New York City home.

Sliding Barn Doors For Family Room Windows

Dark brown sliding barn door shutters in family room

Sliding barn doors are a modern window treatment for your family room in New York City. The panels are the same ones used in sliding barn doors used for traditional doors. You can pick the same style, color, and hardware to match a family room barn door!

This family room window treatment is a work of art because it elevates the décor of the room, , bringing functionality and privacy. The barn door panels roll smoothly and sturdily along the top-mounted track. Open them to let in more light and enjoy the view. Or close them for more privacy and to reduce the glare on the TV while watching all the episodes of “Fuller House”.

Blinds For Family Room Windows

Metal blinds come in more than 70 finishes, textures, and colors that can be customized to match the décor of your family room. For a warmer tone to the room, consider installing hardwood or faux wood blinds in your family room.

But remember that the thin slats may not be effective at reducing the glare on the TV. Watching your favorite show won’t be as enjoyable with the glare. The blind slats may break if a baseball is accidentally tossed at the window in excitement or frustration.

Shades For Family Room Windows

Shades are available in an array of styles: Roman shades, cellular shades, woven woods shades, and roller shades. Roller shades add a contemporary touch. If you’re going for a warm tropical look in the family room, choose woven woods. Roman shades are the embodiment of classic luxury. And cellular shades add subtle charm.

Shades are made from materials that may be too thin to enjoy the football game glare-free. Adda light-filtering privacy liner to these window treatments to block more of the light in the family room.

But the light-filtering liner won’t protect the shades from discoloration. UV rays from the sun can lead to the fabric yellowing over time. And just like that, the family room window treatment you love starts to look dated.

Get More Ideas For Family Room Window Treatments In New York City, NY

Look through the window treatment idea gallery to find inspiration for your family room or check out our Ultimate Room Guide to discover window treatment ideas for each room in your house. And when you’ve made up your mind to order, our professionals is at your service to guide you in selecting the best family room window treatments in New York City. It all starts with you contacting us at 631-246-3930 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home design consultation!