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What Are Woven Window Shades In New York Made Of?

April 25, 2024

Did woven window shades catch your eye when looking for window treatments? These stunning window coverings would make a beautiful upgrade to your New York home. You just have to select the kind that you like best. Woven window shades are fabricated from a variety of natural fibers. All kinds of fibers have a unique look and can be woven to produce different textures. Discovering what woven window shades in New York are fabricated from will help you choose the right ones for your living space.

What Are Woven Fiber Shades Made Of?

Gray woven shades on windows and a door

You’ll discover various cloth shades when you look for window shades. Woven shades catch the eye because they have natural wood-like fibers woven together. These materials are treated for durability to create beautiful, enduring window treatments. You’ll come across woven shades constructed from

  • Bamboo: This preferred, eco-conscious material is tough like wood but adaptable enough to produce window shades of differing textures, from rustic and rugged to smooth and fabric-like.
  • Reeds: These aquatic grasses have been utilized as weaving and building materials for thousands of years due to their strength and flexibility.
  • Grasses: Like reeds, many natural grasses are narrow but strong enough to fabricate into shades and other decor.
  • Sisal: This rigid fiber from a plant of the same name can be fabricated into rope, so it’s also sturdy enough for woven products like window shades.
  • Jute: This wiry natural fiber comes from plant stems and is whirled into coarse threads that are made into decor pieces like window shades.
  • Rattan: Despite the fact it looks like wood, rattan comes from palm stems and has been used for woven manufacturing for hundreds of years.

Each kind of fiber is light, has its own special appearance, and may be woven into numerous patterns to produce a range of textures. They are perfect for making customized woven shades that are mostly solid. The color variations of these natural materials also give every woven shade a distinctive look. You could even discover shades with a mixture of fibers and colors.

Why Choose Woven Window Shades In New York?

Brown woven shade on a TV room window

You’ll find lots of perks when choosing woven window shades in New York. First off, you can see how stunning they are. They bring a natural aspect to your residence that is trendy and classic. Woven shades come in a wide array of neutral and earth tints to harmonize with most interior decor styles.

Woven shades also provide privacy and governance of light. If you want to minimize light, choose more closely woven fibers that obstruct the most exterior light, or you can order a shade liner to keep out daylight. Choose a less tightly bound weave if you would like some natural light coming through your shades.

Pick woven bamboo window shades in your New York home if you want an eco-smart window treatment. Bamboo is sustainable as it regrows quickly. You can feel pleased about defending the environment and how great your new shades look!

Let Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions Help You Choose Attractive Woven Fiber Shades

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