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The Perfect Window Treatments For Home Theaters And Media Rooms In New York

April 17, 2019

For some TV and movie lovers in New York, the home theater or media room is more than a niche, but one of the most used rooms you could use.  The entire room is centered around the large 4k television.  The sound system envelops you in cinematic scores and exciting sound effects. Now, you should install the best window treatments for your home theater or media room experience.

When your home theater is used as a gathering place, you should get the most from your television.  Of course, you need a shutter or shade that will totally black out the room, so that you don’t have to deal with glare on your screen. It’s also helpful if your window treatments could completely dampen outside sound.  Last but not least, your window treatments should show some style even when you're not viewing the latest blockbuster.  

So what are the perfect window treatments for a home theater or media room?

Your Window Coverings Should Make The Room Pitch Black

Shutters in Theater Room

When you watch TV in a home theater or media room, you want the room on the darker side.  You may want to start with shades that block the outside world.  Opaque cellular shades, roller shades or Roman shades will block out the sun. And with the right materials, you can get the room as dim as you desire, where the movie is the center of attention.

However, while some shades will darken a room, they don’t do a great job at directing sunlight.  If you need the opportunity to direct light in addition to blacking out the sun, you may want to look at plantation shutters. Shutters have the ability to shroud the room in complete darkness when they are closed. But there are times you might need some sunlight, so the room doesn’t seem so stuffy. With these window treatments, you can adjust how the light shines in, so every TV watching experience isn’t always in a dark theater.  

Your Window Treatments Should Block Out Sound

Shutters in a living room with a tv

Your window coverings should black out light, but don’t forget about the importance of sound.  Outside noise, such as neighborhood children having fun in the yard or a neighbor dog barking, can distract you from what’s on the screen. Sounds from what you are watching should also be preserved, as dialog and music can become muddied when it bounces off your window’s glass panes.

Cellular shades can do a great job keeping the room dark, but they may be too thin to adequately hinder outside commotion.  Blinds can have the same issues as they hang loosely around the sides. Drapes and curtains will hinder outside annoyances, but might also dampen inside sound and stop you from hearing a true surround-sound experience.  

Plantation shutters, in contrast, stop outside sound and keep your shows sounding nice.  If your neighborhood is generally quiet, any plantation shutter probably will fit your needs. But if you happen to be in a neighborhood that has more ambient noise, like near a school or on a busy street, you will probably want to use a denser faux wood shutter. Whatever treatment you decide on, make sure you arrange your surround sound after the treatments are up so that you you get quality sound from your speakers.

The More Versatile Your Media Room, The More Practical The Window Treatment

Bedroom with shutters and oar over tv photo courtesy of Kathy at The Daily Nest

As larger screen televisions become in vogue, media rooms have begun to become a second family room.  While they still are used for movies, media rooms are also a room for gaming, watching sports, and general entertaining. If you use your room for more than one purpose, you will need a more versatile window treatment that looks great when it’s the room is being used for other purposes.

When a cellular or roman shade is raised, they the roll completely up.  This leaves your windows open , like the window treatment doesn’t exist, which may not be the best course of action. Plantation shutters let your room be utilized as a multi-purpose space, and not just as a home theater. And since you can adjust each one as much as you need, you can set aside a side couch where friends might opt to visit or read. Everyone else can then sit in darkness on the couch enjoying the movie .

Which Window Treatment For Your Home Theater Or Media Room Is Best For You?

If your media room doesn’t have many outside facing windows, then you may choose a cellular, roman or roller shade.  If you have a multi-purpose media room, then plantation shutters could be best. Any way you go, your Sunburst representative can help you out.  Call 631-246-3930 so you can schedule your in-home consultation.