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White sheer shades on a bedroom window

Explore These Three Unique Window Shades In New York

April 04, 2024

When searching for window shades, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from. Some window shade styles are more widespread than others. They’ll do the job but seem uninspired. If you wish to have something more exciting, consider more distinctive kinds like transitional shades, sheer shades, and woven shades. These unique window shades in New York all work nicely and look amazing while providing something different from the standard choices. 

Use Transitional Shades To Easily Manage Light Levels

A gray transitional shade on a dining room window

Transitional shades, often referred to as “zebra shades,” are cousins to more traditional roller shades. You extend them over your window in the same fashion, but transitional shades give you more versatility for light governance. They’re made of a continuous loop of material with alternating sheer and solid stripes. As you operate the shade, these segments move. When the same segments align together, sunshine streams via the sheer stripes for a bit of daylight. Move the shade again to line up the rear sheer stripes with opaque ones in the front to block light.

You can put transitional shades on windows to control sunlight. They’ll let you rapidly switch between filtered light, full light, and darkness in any room that can benefit from varying light levels. They may also be raised totally up to the top for an unfettered view outdoors. Transitional shades have a sleek modern look that works with most interiors and are available in a wide variety of colors, too. Their trademark stripes make them a terrific option for unique window shades in New York.

Bypass Sheer Curtains For More Practical Sheer Shades

White sheer window shades on windows in a high rise penthouse bedroom

Many homeowners appreciate the look of thin sheer curtains, but sheer shades are a more practical choice. For instance, they may alternate between solid and see-through. You could define sheer shades as a softer textured version of plantation shutters due to the fact they have fabric slats like louvers between the panels of sheer fabric. Whenever you lower the shade, you can turn these slats to open and allow light to come through the sheer panels or shut them to obstruct light. There’s no way to do that with curtains!

Sheer shades are best for spaces where you prefer to have a little natural light but don’t want completely uncovered windows. The slats can be tilted so you can move light off reflective materials and clear of your line of vision when watching TV, reading, or using a computer. They come in several trendy colors and work well with most interior styles.

Add Natural Beauty To Your Home With Woven Shades 

Gray woven window shades on 3 windows in a kitchen

Woven shades are among the more unique window shades in New York homes. Unlike fabric choices, they’re fabricated with natural woven fibers that deliver a stunning organic element to a space. You won’t find two woven shades that look identical because they consist of wood-like products such as bamboo, reeds, or jute. The kind of material and weave you select will decide your shade’s color, texture, and opacity.

You can put woven shades in any area without increased humidity levels. Their neutral colors and classic appeal suit numerous interior designs. If you would like to utilize them in a room where sunlight or privacy needs to be controlled, request to line your woven shades or install a room-darkening shade at the back of it.

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