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When you see the most beautiful homes in Manhasset, your eyes are automatically drawn to their windows. Since 1997, Sunburst Shutters New York has helped make those homes and their windows look phenomenal by offering the highest quality plantation shutters in Manhasset.

From our skilled craftsmanship and award-winning products to unparalleled customer service, Sunburst is proud to be Manhasset’s best local shutter supplier, serving hundreds of homes annually.

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The Reasons You Might Think About Interior Shutters In Manhasset

When shopping for window treatments, there are several products to choose from. So why do homeowners in Manhasset pick interior shutters? These are just a few reasons:

  • Looks - Interior shutters are a classic window covering that accentuate any design. Their crisp lines add interest to your window without distracting from your existing interior and furniture. And you can pick from many color and finish options to add an additional touch.

  • Energy Efficiency - Plantation shutters are as functional as they are beautiful. They help control your space’s temperature and can help reduce your HVAC bills - regardless of the weather.

  • Durability - The majority of window treatments can’t promise that they will last a long time. Many won’t even make it past a few years. But interior shutters are constructed to last. They’re built of solid materials and the highest degree of workmanship, helping them stand up to sun energy without warping or cracking.

Polywood - The Homeowner’s Pick For Faux Wood Shutters In Manhasset

If you’re looking for a top-notch faux wood shutter in Manhasset, you’ve found it in Polywood® plantation shutters. Polywood Shutters stand above rival shutters with their looks, sturdiness, and temperature control.

Their crisp, elegant lines and precise fit to your window give you light control while adding gorgeous looks. Since they’re offered in several finishes and stains, they can match any style of room. And regardless of how strongly the sun beats down on them, they won’t chip, warp, or lose color. They’re also resistant to moisture and heat and are backed by one of the strongest shutter warranties in Manhasset.

And on the topic of energy efficiency, their premier weatherstripping system blocks out nearly half of all heat transfer through your window, reducing your heating bills. Polywood Shutters are 100% made in the US, using eco-friendly materials and processes. If you’re looking for a shutter that will make a smaller wallet impact, consider our builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Get Natural Looks with Manhasset’s Finest Wood Shutters

There is no window covering that can offer the same sensation of backstory, personality, and richness as natural wood shutters. In Manhasset, the best wood shutters are Sunburst’s Ovation® wood shutters. Whereas rival wood shutters are usually hollow, Ovation wood shutters are constructed from 100% solid furniture-grade teak. That means you don’t just get the natural beauty that only hardwood furnishings can, but also the assurance that those shutters will last you decades.

Ovation natural wood shutters can easily match the existing wood or trim in your space, as well. With over 30 different wood finishes to select from, there isn’t a single space in your home they can’t look amazing in.

Sunburst also provides reclaimed wood shutters in Manhasset. Each reclaimed wood shutter is constructed from repurposed lumber from different sources around the country, and each individual shutter pane bringing its own history and character to your design.

Sunburst Builds Custom Shutters for Manhasset

The Sunburst Shutters building process is a wholly unique one, and is the reason why we’re able to offer the best custom shutters in Manhasset. This is our process from start to end:

  • Call 631-246-3930 or complete our online form to arrange a consultation in your home with a Sunburst shutter experts.

  • Your Sunburst Shutters rep travels to your home to get accurate measurements of all your windows, explain all your shutter and window covering options, and provide design ideas.

  • You pick the shutters you want from our vast catalogue and finalize your order.

  • A few days later, our installation crew returns to your home to install your brand-new custom shutters while you sit back and watch.

And that’s all there is to it. You can get American-made custom shutters in Manhasset without lifting a finger. Since our experts are there with you to help every step of the process, you’re guaranteed to get shutters that are a perfect match to your space.

Manhasset’s Source For Blinds, Shades, And More

Sunburst Shutters offers more than just superior interior shutters in Manhasset. Our window treatment options cover all of your wants and necessities for your home and budget.


Manhasset Blinds

Sunburst Polywood Blinds are a step up from your store-bought blind. They marry the ease of use of normal blinds with durability and strength that outclasses normal aluminum varieties. They’re offered in both faux wood and basswood options to accentuate any home’s style.

Manhasset Shades

Sunburst deals in a variety of shades in Manhasset for our customers to choose from. Whether you want standard, roller, woven, or honeycomb shades - we have what you need in a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns.

To see some of our shade options, look through our Home Idea Gallery. There you’ll find photos of our shades, blinds, shutters, and other great window treatments in Manhasset.

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