Start The New Year With New Shutters For Your New York City House

Darren Zuckerman

January is one of the best months to purchase new shutters for your New York City house. Indoor shutters are a simple way to redecorate. In addition, the right plantation shutters can lead to massive savings on your energy bills and boost your house’s value. And when you have them installed now, you are able to take advantage of all the features year round!

But where would you buy new shutters that fit your decor and are built from quality materials? Why not use Sunburst Shutters New York as a resource? Our experts guide you through the top rated styles of new window shutters for this new year.

Barn Door Shutters

The newest trend in home decor is using barn doors as window treatments. The new shutters are sure to awe your friends and family with the cozy atmosphere they bring to the room.

Barn doors glide on a track system. Push the barn door panels closer together or farther apart depending on how much of the light and view you want. These sliding barn door shutters look stunning when you close them, and they encase the view artfully when you open them all the way.

Sliding Barn Door Shutters For New York City, NY Homes

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Polywood Shutters

This year, beautify your home with new plantation window shutters. Polywood® shutters are the most energy efficient plantation shutters money can buy in New York City, NY. They block temperature by 30 degrees and reduce heat transfer by 45%. And when you have them installed in January, you reap the energy savings now!

Polywood shutters are available in three premium white paints that won’t lose their color, regardless of how long they’re exposed to the NYC sunshine. And you can personalize the color of your shutters with more than a hundred hues including yellow, beige, gray, and blue with our custom paint program. Buy the new shutters you want in the colors you want.

Polywood Plantation Shutters For New York City, NY Homes

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Ovation Wood Shutters

Bring the warmth of wood to your windows with Ovation® wood shutters. They’re crafted from solid hardwood. And they’re available in 28 different stains to pick from so that you’re able to match your new window shutters to the room’s color scheme.

Ovation Wood Shutters For New York City, NY Homes

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How To Order New Shutters In New York City, NY

It’s easy! Contact us at 631-246-3930 to schedule your free in-home design consultation. We’ll drive to your home in the New York City area. And we’ll demo samples of sliding barn door shutters, Polywood shutters, and Ovation wood shutters. We’ll also measure the dimensions of your windows to custom craft your new shutters. Then, we set them up to perfectly fit on your windows - and function smoothly.

Start off this new year with new shutters. Call 631-246-3930 today!